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Distributor resmi pelumas dan grease merk CALTEX untuk aplikasi pada Industri, Pertambangan, Oil & Gas.

Apabila ada permintaan penawaran atau ada yang ingin ditanyakan mengenai produk dan hal lainya. Silahkan menghubungi kami. Atau email sesuai dengan info di atas.

Atas perhatian dan kerjasamanya kami ucapkan terima kasih.

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Mr.Ari Wibowo ( Hp : 0813 1795 1891 )

Email 1 : ariwibowo26021990@gmail.com

Email 2 : ariwibowoahp@gmail.com


PT. TRI DIFTA LUBRINDO, was established in February 2005 as a private company which specializes in Lubricant and in April 2007, we joint with CHEVRON as authorized Distributor of Lubricant  with intention, Special Class Service and consistent for good expected end result. We give the best solution on cost efficiency and information is most important.

PT. TRI DIFTA LUBRINDO was build base on experience in lubrication specialist supplier to mining company and contractor mining with quality supporting and services our experience staff. We hope in future that we can work together and relationship. We enjoy a reputation of partnership and trust when dealing with customers. PT. TRI DIFTA LUBRINDO sets itself a part from competitors by striving to achieve industry best practices and keeps itself at the edge by fulfilling promise and providing customer value.

In industrial forms a significant share of the volume base of PT. TRI DIFTA LUBRINDO (TDL) across its operation geographies. In most of its areas of operation, TDL is seen strong supplier to manufacture and mining industry, with package offer consisting of both high quality products and service support options.

 CHEVRON has developed a CHEVRON Fluids Management package offer for Industry. This package is aimed at developing Industry Best Practice for our customer, ensuring that the customer is degreasing cost and maximum profit through a combination of PT. TRI DIFTA LUBRINDO (CHEVRON) logistic, service and products.


To be e respected leading company 
We manage fluid management with professional, competitive and quality. Always give best service to customer in oil and grease for satisfaction customer like engine lift time, degrease cost maintenance and Increase production.

Optimize all our capability to customer satisfaction

Made our commitment become a clear action 

Concept of lubricant all distributors are same, but PT. TRI DIFTA LUBRICANT is different with another Distributor. We service all customers by working together as like quality and deliver which we can give customer satisfaction. 

Our staff on Site and Headquarter is very experience of handling oil and grease on field, get fully supporting from Principal.


Technical Field Service from Principal
Our Principal employs a team of well-trained lubricant engineers in Jakarta, Balikpapan, Surabaya, Medan, Pekanbaru and Sumbawa to provide lubricant service and support to our customer. All Principal employees are required to attend regular formal training course both prior to and during their career with Principal to ensure that we offer world standard customer support.
This team is supported by additional experience and capable technical advisory group that provide much of the support, mentoring, training and direction for Principal business in Indonesia.
In additional to in-country support, Industrial Global Technology & Support for CHEVRON Asia Pacific frequency visit Indonesia to provide CHEVRON with an in-depth level of technical support for our valued power generation customer.



PT. Indomatsumoto Indonesia (Manufacture)
PT. Astra Oto Part (Divisi Adiwira) (Manufacture)/ Lubricant & Spare Part
PT. Dwisatu Mustika Bumi (Contractor Oil Field)/ Spare Part
PT. Mc Connel Dowel Indonesia (Contractor Oil Field) / Lubricant & Spare Part
PT. Acergy Indonesia(Oilfield)/ Spare Part
PT. Camar Resources Canada (Oilfield)/ Spare Part
PT. Subur Indah Plastika ( Manufacture)
PT. Antero Drill Indonesia (Mining)
PT. Cibaliung Sumber Daya Mining (Mining)
PT. Berkat (Manufacture)


PT. Sapta Indra Sejati / SIS  (Consignment System), Sanga-Sanga, Kaltim (Mining)
PT. Sapta Indra Sejati / SIS, Adaro, Kalsel (Mining)
PT. Pama Indo mining, Batu Licin, Kalsel (Mining)
PT. MTU  Indonesia, Balikpapan, Kaltim (Power Genset)
PT. Borca Energy, Tanjung Tabalong, Kalsel (Mining)
PT. Alton International Resources, Kalsel (Mining)
PT. Thies Contractor Indonesia, Balikpapan, Kaltim ( Mining)
PT. Kideco Jaya Agung, Tanah Grogot, Kaltim (Mining)
PT. Kitadin, Bontang, Kaltim (Mining)
PT. Rahman Abdi Jaya, Adaro, Kalsel (Mining)
PT. Kobexindo Tractors (Mining)
PT. Bharainto Ekatama, Kaltim (Mining)
PT. Jorong Barutama Greston, Kaltim(Mining)
PT. Maharwana Kanaka, Papua (Mining)
PT. DNX Indonesia, Berau, Kaltim (Mining)
PT. Yudistira Bumi Bhakti, Halmahera (Mining)